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Welcome To Dog Herbal Remedies

Nothing is more natural than harnessing the healing powers of the herbs and plants around us. When ill or injured, animals in the wild have an instinctual ability to seek out and eat plants with properties that will help them heal.

There are many ways in which Dog Herbal Remedies Elixirs can help maintain the health of your dog. The herbal remedies can prevent and care for your dog while he is in a stressful situation, recovering from illness, or is aging and would benefit from a strengthening tonic.

The Dog Herbal Remedies, have been carefully formulated by an experienced Naturopath and Herbalist, who is also the Founder and Director of a very successful dog walking company www.drdoolittle.com.au who has been

Our Range Of Doggie Elixirs

Doggie Chillout Mix

This blend is formulated to provide soothing support for dogs that are easily frightened or experiencing chronic anxiety. Use this formula to calm and relax your dog.….read more

50ml Bottle

Doggie Pick-Me-Up  (Immune Booster)

This synergistic blend of herbs potentiate each other for a greater effect in raising the function of the immune system.

……read more

50ml Bottle

Doggie Nourish & Repair

Specifically formulated with dogs in mind who are not as energetic as they could be (or used to be!) or who may need support and are weak or debilitated. Promotes recovery from injury, surgery,…..read more

50ml Bottle

passionately involved with  rehabilitating rescue beagles www.beaglerescuevic.org  (please read the About Us page to hear about the inspirational story that started the ‘Dog Herbal Remedies’ range of Elixirs)

Just as humans, dogs are just as capable of becoming anxious, stressed, depressed, confused, and insecure. Managing your dogs stress levels will significantly help keep his immune system strong and thus prevent the onset of illness. If your dog does become unwell, the appropriate dog herbal remedy can help his body deal with illness more efficiently, thus restoring health faster, and saving you money on frequent vet bills!

These herbal formulas are easy to administer and easy for your dog to assimilate, making these treatments both simple and effective. Herbs are also great natural sources of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, and many other nourishing substances that help bring about balance and wellbeing.

Using liquid herbal treatments that are added to meals (diluted) is a much better and faster way to administer herbs which directly go thru the stomach into the bloodstream. Powders or dry leaf herbs take a much longer time to work as they need to go thru the stomach, then liver for further breakdown. Thus Dr Doolittle Herbal liquid extracts ensure rapid absorption.

Did you know that: as part of the growth of natural therapies in the mainstream arena, 20% of veterinary surgeries in the UK use herbal remedies?

Complementary therapies like our dog herbal remedies range are concentrated liquid herbs which don’t just attack the symptoms of a disorder. Instead they gently and steadily rebuild your dogs’s total health and assist their body’s innate ability to heal itself, it is a holistic approach. The benefits of choosing a gentler, natural approach to bring about balance in your dogs body is that it also lessens the toxic load that often conventional drugs add to. When natural remedies are used in conjunction with a nutritious diet, your dog can enjoy a healthier and longer life.

Please take into consideration that like with ANY herbal or natural remedy, its effectiveness will vary with the health of the dog. Our dogs, just like us, are all individuals, and all with different requirements. Also a dog being fed a high quality diet with adequate vitamins and enzymes will respond better than a dog on a poor quality diet. Each dogs system needs support in healing from within. We recommend an organic raw food diet, and the regular care of a holistic veterinarian.

We believe that ultimately, your dogs health can be maintained through proper nutrition. That disease is a process used by nature in an attempt to regain balance and get itself healthy again. The mechanism for healing is already built into all individuals. Its just a matter of gentle support. We seek to empower dog owners thru knowledge thus improve the lives of dogs.

Our aim is not only to heal dogs, but also to educate their human companions about herbal medicine and our products. Take a look through our website for further information and articles, which will be updated regularly.

The individual Elixirs are available in 50 ml alcohol extract glass bottles. Each bottle contains approximately 750 drops.

Thus for medium sized dog: 15 drops 2 times daily= 30 drops per day

a 50 ml bottle will approximately contain 25 days of treatment.

We recommend a 1-3 month treatment for best and continuing results.

The products and information given on these pages is not intended to

substitute veterinary diagnosis and treatment, but to compliment it.

If symptoms persist, please seek the advice of a qualified practitioner.

© Copyright Dog Herbal Remedies 2012

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Coming Soon: Doggy Detox -  This gentle formula supports your dogs elimination processes by enhancing liver, bowel, and kidney function. Helps removal of toxins your dog may have been exposed to ie. conventional drug use, anaesthetic, chemicals in poor quality food and water. Enhances the body to function at optimal level.

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